Bree is one of the locations in the game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.


This isolated village is placed east of The Shire and west of the Misty Mountains. It is actually comprised of four villages - Bree, Archet, Staddle, and Combe, all scattered throughout Bree-Hill. The village is protected by a dike and hedge, which has a gate that all visitors must enter in.

Bree is built at the intersection of two roads, the Great East Road and the North Road. The town is known for two things - the fact that Men and Hobbits have lived together for centuries, and it's famous inn' The Prancing Pony.

The town-goers mostly keep to themselves. They are friendly to all, but consider people outside of the village to be Outsiders. They will listen to the news from others, but do not like them to participate or stay within the town.

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