As a Dúnedain Ranger, Elegost is the most versatile fighter that joins Berethor's party. He is well diverse in both Bow Craft and Ranger Craft skills. Using Bow Craft skills, Elegost is able to manipulate the abilities of his enemies such as lowering their ability to counter attack, lowering their rate of attack, or even lowering the accuracy of an enemy. Using Ranger Craft skills, Elegost is able to deal severe damage to foes and can immobilize enemies for a turn. Elegost is good friends with the Dwarf Hadhod.


Not much is known about Elegost's bio, it is due known heat some point joined the Dunedain and thus met Faramir and Aragorn. A few years later he met Hadhod during the Council of Elrond, where he and Hadhod were given a map to Moria. A short while later he and Hadhod were attacked by a mob of goblins, under command of a Mordor orc, during a stormy night. (this could be possible that at the same time Saruman stopped Gandalf from passing over the mountain by using his wizardry, since it was storming and voices were heard). Hadhod was carried away by a landslide while Elegost was wounded and the orc took his map. The next day Elegost was chased by a few warg packs, but luckily Berethor and Idrial arrived. After having killed the orcs who came to near to Rivendell, they rescued Hadhod from a cave troll. the two friends being reunited, Elegost and Hadhod decided to follow the Gondorian on his quest.

Possible realmEdit

It is possible that Elegost was a human coming from Dale, since he is swift with the bow and has friends amongst the Dwarves, such as Hadhod, an Erebor Dwarf, and of course Dale is adjacent to the Lonely Mountain.


Elegost, if equipped properly, can be one of the most useful and powerful characters in The Third Age. He possesses high amounts of speed if used frequently, and carries lots of effect containing attacks (either in Bow or Ranger Craft), such as Crippling Might. One of his most useful moves is Arrows of Sleep, in which can be powered by his Passive Skills.

Bow CraftEdit

Creature Bane Fires an arrow that does more damage to animals.
Arrow Flurry Fires two arrows, one at each of two targets.
Blinding Shot Fires an arrow that blinds an enemy.
Draining Shot Fires an arrow that absorbs HP.
Crippling Shot Fires an arrow that delays an enemies next attack.
Shield Piercing Fires an arrow that lowers one enemy's defense.
Pinning Shot Fires an arrow that prevents counterattacks.
True Shot A tremendously powerful shot that does heavy damage.

Ranger CraftEdit

Aimed Shot Fires an arrow that does increased damage.
Piercing Might Fires an arrow that lower's one enemy's strength.
Pierce Will Fires an arrow that lower's one enemy's magic defense.
Arrows of Sleep Fires an arrow that inflicts Sleep status.
Paralyzing Shot Fires an arrow that inflicts Paralysis status.
Kingsfoil Grace Gradually restores one ally's HP overtime.
Cursed Arrow Fires an arrow that weakens one enemy's arrow damage.
Flash Arrow Fires each arrow at all targets, inflicting Blind status.
Arrow Splinters Fires an arrow that renders arrow attacks useless.
Grace of Athelas Gradually restores HP of all allies overtime.
Pierce Spirit Fires an arrow that lowers one enemy's intellect.
Northern Storm Deals thunder-elemental magic damage to all enemies overtime.
Fangorn Roots Fires an arrow that inflicts Stop status.

Passive SkillsEdit

Ranger Evade Gives Elegost chances to dodge attacks.
Dunedain Evasion Increases Elegost's evasion rate.
Hands of the Bowman Increases Elegost's accuracy.
Ranger War Rally Increases Elegost's Perfect Mode gauge gain.
Spirit of the North Increases Elegost's AP pool.
Frenzy Takes two additional actions from Bow Craft or Ranger Craft.
Blessing of Haste Increases Elegost's speed.
Sleep Volley Makes 'Arrows of Sleep' target all enemies.
Lingering Sleep Makes Sleep status caused by 'Arrows of Sleep' last longer.
Crippling Might Increases the effectiveness of 'Crippling Shot'.


Although Elegost has a sword (as shown in the cutscenes), he never uses it during actual gameplay. Instead, he relies on his bow to kill enemies.