Fornost is one of the locations in the game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.


This ancient fortress has been plagued by years of darkness. This fortress originally stood as a key element of defense in the days of the northern Dunedain kingdom of Arnor. Arnor's strength was eventually compromised and it split into three realms. Fornost became the capital of Arthedain. The full name of Fornost is known as Fornost Erain. This name is of Elvish origins, and means "north fortress of the kings." Other names for Fornost include Norbury and Norbury of the Kings.

The destruction of Fornost came in the Third Age at the hands of the witch-king of Angmar. The crumbling structure has remained for ages and has became a fearful sign to many. It is now known as Deadman's Dike, and only the fiercest Rangers dare to travel there.

Evil forces are spreading once again through-out Middle-Earth and they are beginning to come after these citadels. A dark army is slowly growing behind the walls of this city.

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