Hadhod is a Dwarf of the clan of Fundin, he dreamed of one day destroying the Goblin kingdom of Moria.He is a good friend of the Dúnedain Ranger Elegost and is a great asset to Berethor's company. Hadhod is in the RPG game The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age and makes an appearance as a home-made hero for the Dwarves in the Battle for Middle-earth II.

Family Edit

Little is known of Hadhod's family except for his sons, who both ventured with Balin to Moria, it was said that they were killed by Trolls and possibly devoured there.

Fellowship Edit

SPOILER warning

During the time of the death of his sons, he would meet and befriend Elegost, a Dúnedain. They soon became travel companions and stayed for a while until a group of goblins and an bewitched avalanche separated them. Elegost remained in the pass, hunting mountain wargs, until his meeting with Berethor and Idrial.

Elf-Dwarf tiesEdit

It seems that Hadhod is also friendly with Berethor, Morwen and Eaoden, but appears to share the elf-dwarf prejudice with Idrial, unlike the friendship of Legolas and Gimli. However, in some cases, they seem to share tolerence with each other. In either case, after Moria he ceases calling her a witch. They may even develop a similar bonding as that of Legolas and Gimli

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After events of the War Edit

After the events of the War of the Ring it seems that he is still traveling with Elegost, most probably staying either in Gondor or Helm's Deep (if he stayed with Gimli); in either case it is unknown what became of him.

Abilities Edit

He is incredibly strong and steadfast, like the rest of his race, making him the tank of the group and proving to be a valuable ally to the team. His axe or hammer (depending on what weapon he is equipped with) will cleave through many of the most powerful of enemies in the game (not to mention the devastating effect of his spirit powers, if trained properly), and his defence and constitution will make sure he survives even the greatest blows, making him good to use against the more powerful enemies like the Mûmakil and Trolls. However, his magic resistance and his action pool are rather low, unlike the other members of the company, meaning he probably shouldn't face foes like the Nazgûl shadow chieftains.

Axe CraftEdit

Dwarven Cleave An axe attack that does increased damage.
Goblin Bane An axe attack that doubles damage against Goblins.
Cleaving Wound An axe attack imbued with fire element, which burns one enemy overtime.
Crippling Smash An axe attack that inflicts Slow status.
Hew Armor An axe attack that lower's one enemy's armor rate.
Stone Hewer An earthquake that damages one enemy.
Mountain Rage A two-strike axe attack.
Durin Wrath A two-strike axe attack that inflicts Stun status.
Counter Attack Gives Hadhod chances to counterattack.
Berserk An axe attack that lowers Hadhod's defense and raises his speed.
Spirit Cleave An axe attack that lowers one enemy's Spirit.
Smite An axe attack that lands a Critical Hit.
Rampage of Durin A four-strike axe attack.
Mountain Hewer An earthquake that damages all enemies.

Spirit PowersEdit

Stone Shield One ally takes no damage for a short time.
Flaming Fury Deals fire-elemental magic damage to one enemy.
Endure Flame Makes all allies immune to all fire-related attacks for the next round.
Damaging Shield Enemies who attack a protected ally with a melee weapon get damaged in return.
Mountain Shield All allies take no damage for a short time.
Flames of Ruins All enemies gradually take fire-elemental magic damage overtime.
Devastating Shield Enemies who attack all protected allies with a melee weapon get damaged in return.
Dragon Calling Summons a dragon to deal heavy fire-elemental magic damage at all enemies.

Passive SkillsEdit

Dwarven Evade Gives Hadhod chances to dodge attacks.
Dwarven Rally Increases Hadhod's Perfect Mode gauge gain.
Lordly Might Increases Hadhod's strength.
Evasion of Gloin Increases Hadhod's evasion rate.
Battle-Hardened Armor Increases Hadhod's armor rate.
Overwhelming Axes Hadhod's attacks inflict Critical Hits in Perfect Mode.
Might of Balin Increases Hadhod's HP pool.
Dwarven Challenge Increases Hadhod's attack power when taunting a foe.
Dwarven Haste Increases Hadhod's speed.
Double Attack Takes two additional actions from Axe Craft.


Hadhod used several weapons with his time in Berethor's group. To this end he used several axes and even the mighty hammer of Helm Hammerhand, one of the former kings of Rohan. Before the battle of the Hornburg, he and Elegost found this mighty hammer. Elegost concluded Helm wanted to repay the dwarves for their tribute into creating Helms Deep. Hadhod replied "some deeds need no thanks, but this was almost too easy," and gladly accepted the hammer. He also used several axes his kin Gimli used, probably Gimli dropped some axes and thus Hadhod picked them up and used them with the same deadliness.

Quotes Edit

Hadhod: Well, Ranger, it's about time! (when Elegost and his two new companions finally find Hadhod, who's in battle with a troll)

Hadhod: Stand back! It shall be a dwarf who first sets foot here.

Elegost: (after killing a goblin)  Mostly these are the easiest to kill.

Hadhod: I might resent that remark...but I think your right.

Idrial: (When the Watcher in the Water clears the rubble leading into Moria) He is digging a way in!

Hadhod: Heh... I knew he was good for something!


(As the group approaches the throne of Moria)

Goblin : Who dares?

Hadhod (As he charges the goblin) : I think I do!

-more quotes appreciated-

Appearances Edit

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Battle for Middle Earth 2 (created character)

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