Rivendell is the first mission in the Good Campaign.


Invasion of Rivendell Edit

The Elven army starts with Glorfindel and a single battalion of swordsmen. Their task is to push forward to Rivendell . Some Goblin forces attack them, but they eventually fail and Glorfindel moves to Rivendell safe. There he meets Elrond and hears about Goblin attacks in the south. Goblins threw out through the western and main gate of Rivendell and Eles split up to stop them. Goblin attackers then summom Cave Trolls to the battlefield. They destroy elven Mallron Trees but Glorfindell succedes in killing them. then Arwen comes with two battalions of Rivendell Lancers.

Elven counter-attackEdit

The heroes push forward and attack Goblin camp southern of Rivendell. The Goblins desperetly try to save themselves summoming Wyrm inside their base. Many elven warriors fall by its flame but they retreat and call upon Eagles to help them. The Eagles kill Wyrm and finally defeat Goblins.