The ultimate evil lord in all of Lord of the Rings, he is the main instigator of all the wars and the forger of the One Ring.

About Sauron Edit

His Effect on Middle Earth Edit

Sauron wanted to rule Middle Earth, and tried to accomplish this task by giving rings he forged to the main three races of Middle Earth - nine rings to the Men, seven rings to the Dwarves, and three rings to the Elves. However, in secret he forged another ring, the One Ring, to rule them all and grant him ultimate power. However, he was defeated in a final battle between Mordor and all of Middle Earth, when his ring was cut off by Isildur. He was thought to be beaten, but as long as the One Ring survived, so did Sauron.

His Defeat Edit

When Frodo Baggins was given care of the ring to take to Mordor to destroy, Sauron sent his Ring-wraiths after him to retrieve the One Ring. But when Frodo Baggins finally reached Mount Doom and cast the ring into its depths, Sauron was destroyed for good, as was most of his kingdom, Mordor.


Sauron, Lord of Mordor