LOTR Conquest

Boxart for the PC version of The Lord of the Rings: Conquest.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest is a game developed by Pandemic Studios. It will uses the same engine as Star Wars Battlefront, and it is made from the same developer also. The game features battles from the movies as well as the books. there are two campaigns war of the ring (good side)and rise of sauron(evil side)(alternate ending of rotk where frodo is killed in mount.doom. there are four classes :warrior,archer,scout and mage

Conquest scores bad and medicore scores by gamestation reviewers.

The good campaign begins with helm's deep where we have to play as a warrior and prevent some areas from being captured and then kill the torch-bearers using an archer.After rallying with king Theoden, we get to play as Aragorn who has to protect helm's deep.Then we come to isengard where we have to destroy Saruman's fire-machine and gain control of an ent.Finally, we have to play as Gandalf,the white and bring down Saruman and Grima.Then we come to moria where we have to do a recapture as a class and then play as Gimli to defeat the cave trolls and later as Gandalf to defeat the balrog.Then we come to osgiliath where we have to defend the city and later take control of Faramir who will guide Frodo.Then we come to minas tirith where we need to defend the white city and take control of Gandalf.Then we come to pelennor where king Theoden dies and we take control of Eowyn to defeat the Witch-King.Then we come to minas morgul where we do a recapture as Aragorn.Finally,in the black gate we can take control of Aragorn,Legolas,Gimli and Gandalf.We defeat the mouth of Sauron and capture the area and finish the good campaign.

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